The World's Favourite Waffle

As well as our innovation in beverages, we also list a selection of high-quality ready mixes for classic American favourites from our Krogab Kitchen range.

Since 1937, Carbon’s® Golden Malted® Waffles and Pancakes have been served around the world and Krogab is the proud to be the exclusive nominated distributor of Carbon Golden Malted products in the UK.

Our Krogab Kitchen cupboard includes all you need to mix, make and deliver the perfect waffle, pancake, crêpe and doughnuts.

Sign up to our waffle programme to gain access to heavy-duty commercial waffle bakers with exclusive use of Carbon’s® Golden Malted® line of great-tasting mixes.


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Waffle, Doughnut & Pancake Supplies

Waffle Flour

Waffle, Pancake & Doughnut Mix

Golden Malted – Pancake and Waffle Flour, Just Add Water Mix, Non GMO Crepe Mix, Gluten Free Waffle Mix

Waffle Starter Kit

Waffle, Pancake & Doughnut Equipment

Maple Syrup, Dishes, Tools and Utensils, Starter Kits, Brushes, Trays and More

Batter Dispensers


Batter and Syrup Dispensers

Waffle Iron

Waffle Irons & Fryers

Waffle Irons, Plates, Doughnut Fryers

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Our dedicated in-house engineering and service team are trained to the highest standards and our service level charter guarantees to respond to any technical issue within 12-24 hours, 365 days per year.


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