Coffee Machine Solutions

We partner with some of the very best beverage equipment manufacturers to ensure you can serve the optimum quality beverage in every cup and offer flexibility in terms of machine footprint and output.

Maximise space either front or back of house.

Krogab Coffee Machines

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Space Saving

Inbuilt water tank option eliminates the need for additional water jugs.


Easy to operate, clean, and maintain.

Ease of Use

Time and labour efficiency ensuring that staff are focused on customer needs.

Portion Control

Portion control through precision technologies.

Stock Control

Reduces wastage and shrinkage of pre-packed products.  Machine lockable when not in use.


Deliver consistent taste and quality time after time.

Krogab Coffee Machine Range

Bean to Cup Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup coffee machines are ideal if you’re looking for the freshest possible coffee at the touch of a button.

Hot Water Boilers

Hot Water Boilers

Mains-fed hot water boilers are perfect for busy areas as they can supply an unlimited volume of boiling water on demand.

Bulk Brew Machine

Filter & Bulk Brew Coffee Machines

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way of servicing a consistent demand for freshly filtered coffee and hot water, our range of Filter & Bulk Brew Coffee Machines is for you.

Instant Coffee Machine

Instant Coffee Machines

Our cutting-edge instant coffee machines deliver high-quality beverages, time after time, in volume, without compromising flavour.

Liquid Coffee Machine

Liquid Coffee Machines

Liquid Coffee Machines are perfect for locations where you need to deliver high volumes of coffee at speed and to a consistent standard.

Commercial Coffee Machine

Traditional Coffee Machines

If you’re looking for a traditional espresso coffee machine, Krogab has a range to suit all your barista’s needs.

Krogab COVID-Safe Tech

Providing a touch-free hygienic consumer experience for your operation, we are pleased to be able to offer the very latest in innovative technology from Air Touch®, a new system developed by Azkoyen & Coffetek.

This new distance selection service option helps to restore consumer confidence and accelerate product demand.  The audio guide helps facilitate the purchase process with lighting and sound prompts and brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to any front-of-house offer.

It brings additional benefits to any operator helping to improve machine hygiene management systems.

Krogab Customer Service

Service Promise

At Krogab we pride ourselves on our high-level technical service standards and nationwide support program.  Customer service is never compromised, ensuring that you can operate 24/7 with peace of mind.

Our dedicated in-house engineering and service team are trained to the highest standards and our service level charter guarantees to respond to any technical issue within 12-24 hours, 365 days per year.

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