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Life happens.
But coffee helps

Coffee lovers know what they like; and that’s why we always take care to source the finest beans, roast and blend for a great flavour and seal each pack carefully to preserve all the freshness. It makes a difference you can taste.

But a great café experience is about more than just the coffee. We also offer a range of refreshing teas, luxurious hot chocolate and options including Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance for even more choice.

For the lowdown on our full café range, take a look below – and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just get in touch to hear about our bespoke options.


A range of ethically sourced and blended premium coffee beans. Small batch roasted to produce maximum flavour and freshness with a unique, delightful taste profile.


Discover the ambient fine blend for mild, aromatic enjoyment from coffee beans grown with social and ecological sustainability (Rainforest Alliance certified).

Freeze Dried

A wealth of distinctive blends, available only from Krogab. Blended perfectly to suit all tastes, ranging from 100% Arabica to micro ground.

Filter, Cafetiere &
Bulk Brew

However you want to serve your coffee, we have a solution to suit your needs. Whether it’s Costa Rica Filter, Colombian Bulk Brew or a Classic Cafetiere Blend.

Chocolate, Milk &

A variety of blends to suit all tastes, from a deluxe chocolate to natural skimmed milk granules. Suitable for all sectors of the HORECA market.


Choosing only the best tea leaves for our teas, picked from selected plantations and blended to give a rich colour and full flavour in the cup. Ensuring the customer enjoys the nations favourite drink time and time again.

Sachets, Sticks
& Pods

Maximising convenience, we have a range of chocolate, sugar or coffee conveniently packed. Maintaining the highest quality to suit all environments. Ethically sourced options also available.


Caffe Mauro was established by Demetrio Mauro in 1949 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. We are pleased as punch to announce we are proud distributors of this slow
roasted coffee throughout Great Britain.


Krogab U.K. are pleased as punch to announce we are proud distributors of this slow roasted coffee throughout Great Britain.

Coffee roasting is both a science and an art and Caffè Mauro pride themselves in being one of the few Italian coffee companies that use a “slow-roasting” process in order to obtain a superior taste and aroma. These exclusive blends are especially designed for professional espresso machines and Caffé Mauro is internationally recognised for producing high quality espresso with an exceptional crema.

To find out more about how we can help to improve your current coffee offering and to arrange a coffee tasting, please contact your local Krogab Business Development Manager..

Coffee Machines

Convenient & consistent quality coffee at the push of a button, a range of machines to cover all your needs – low to high volume, powdered or fresh milk options available.

To compliment your coffee offering, add a mains fed water boiler for energy efficient hot water on tap. Choose between our traditional manual dose grinder or an on-demand grinder for the freshest ground espresso coffee.

Whether you require simple easy-to-use pour overs, SCAE gold cup standard filter coffee or high volume, stress free bulk brew machines for coffee on tap, we have what you need.

Small easy-to-use and easy-to-clean instant beverage machines, or high volume self-serve options for dispensing coffee, tea and chocolate.

A range of 2 contemporary, reliable and very fast dispensing coffee systems to help bust those annoying breakfast coffee queues.

Easy-to-use & elegant looking espresso machines to suit all of your barista’s basic needs. Fully automatic with volumetric dosing and available in the following sizes: 1-group, 2-group compact, 2-group and 3-group.

we are proud of.