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Breakfast waffles


Breakfast waffles

Imaginably you either enjoy waffles the old-fashioned way, topped with butter and maple syrup, or perhaps you savour them decked with chocolate sauce, infused with blue berries and other decadent toppings. Nonetheless, this sweet toasty breakfast treat is exactly Krogab’s recommended forte: a great waffle mix designed to produce the fluffiest and yummiest flavour to boost the Monday Blues, or to satisfy evening tea breaks. The golden malted waffles mixture takes you back to a time of diners, fancy milkshakes and dropping dimes in the jukebox. Since 1937, Golden Malted Waffles and Pancakes have held the spotlight at some of the best hotels and restaurants and with Krogab’s collaboration, you can now enjoy this sophisticated brand within the comforts of home, keeping the family and guests deeply satisfied. If you’d like ideas on decorating or tasty topping tips, we provide delectable choices between savoury and sweet.


Breakfast becomes an occasion when you make waffles. Check out these top waffle recipes—then add fruit, syrup, or powdered sugar.