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Juice Dispensers, Coffee Machines and Waffle Equipment

Juice Dispensers

Our Compac dispensers are an ideal solution for all locations. Utilising precision technologies the environmentally friendly system will reduce wastage and save on storage space, whilst delivering a chilled drink each time.

The Maxi range of dispensers are powerful, modern and user friendly. Kind to the environment and with a high capacity they will reduce wastage and save time whilst providing a cost-effective operation. Perfect solution for high volume organisations – dispensing 1 litre of juice in less than 16 seconds thanks to the internal water booster.

Sleek, stylish and reliable front or back of house dispensers. Delivering a wonderful, chilled and refreshing drink each time. Ideal for smoothies and not from concentrate juices. All with easy installation and no plumbing.

THE REVOLUTION IS HERE! The JUICI is our state-of-the-art model with a touchscreen and perfect remote control always and everywhere through a cloud solution!

Coffee Machines

Convenient & consistent quality coffee at the push of a button, a range of machines to cover all your needs – low to high volume, powdered or fresh milk options available.

To compliment your coffee offering, add a mains fed water boiler for energy efficient hot water on tap. Choose between our traditional manual dose grinder or an on-demand grinder for the freshest ground espresso coffee.

Whether you require simple easy-to-use pour overs, SCAE gold cup standard filter coffee or high volume, stress free bulk brew machines for coffee on tap, we have what you need.

Small easy-to-use and easy-to-clean instant beverage machines, or high volume self-serve options for dispensing coffee, tea and chocolate.

A range of 2 contemporary, reliable and very fast dispensing coffee systems to help bust those annoying breakfast coffee queues.

Easy-to-use & elegant looking espresso machines to suit all of your barista’s basic needs. Fully automatic with volumetric dosing and available in the following sizes: 1-group, 2-group compact, 2-group and 3-group.

Waffle Machines

We’ve got all you need to mix, make and deliver the perfect waffle, pancake and crêpe.

Sign up to our waffle programme to gain access to heavy-duty commercial waffle bakers with exclusive use of Carbon’s® Golden Malted® line of great tasting mixes.

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