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About Us

A brief history

Krogab has been innovating and delivering great service for decades and we are proud to be the country’s leading supplier of juices, dispensers and café products across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

One of our key innovations was the introduction of a bag in box juice product back in 1996 – aseptic, fully sealed and without preservatives or additives. Since then we have continued to develop products that help our customers deliver the drinks that their consumers want – delicious, high quality beverages served efficiently and hygienically across all kinds of outlets.

We continue to expand and grow our market share across all sectors and develop our presence in new International territories.

We are focused on developing new innovative products, new dispensing technology and methods and honing our service levels; and with all our team members committed to delivering the very best drinks with outstanding service we think the future looks very refreshing indeed!

Our ethos

Everything we do is built on a commitment to quality, whether that relates to our delicious juices, aromatic coffees, the dispensers that deliver each drink, or the back-up services that help keep the beverages flowing.

With quality in place right across the board, we are in a great position to make life easier and more profitable for every customer. By listening to what our customers want and expect and giving them an unrivalled personal service delivered by experts in their field, we help maximise satisfaction and keep customers coming back time and again.


We offer Fairtrade products in both our fruit juice and café ranges. We feel this is important as a way of supporting our producers and also to give consumers the option of choosing ethically sourced products should they wish to do so.

Fairtrade and Rain Forest Alliance are widely recognised schemes that support the development of thriving farming communities and help to ensure the growth of sustainable production.

A responsible business

We recognise that, as a successful, thriving business, we have a responsibility to act in ways that benefit the communities in which we work as well as society as a whole. That’s why we have developed corporate social responsibility commitments covering areas such as the environment, employment and equal opportunities, ethics and compliance. None of us work in a vacuum and we believe it’s important that Krogab should stand for responsible business practices both in the UK and overseas. It’s a matter of respect for our world.