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We’ve got all you need to mix, make and deliver the perfect waffle, pancake and crêpe.

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RTP Waffle Baker 220V - 240V w/Large Plates

Our heavy duty waffle irons feature a digital LED countdown timer. This means your guests and staff never have to guess when their waffle is done – you’ll get perfect waffles each and every time!

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL001
  • Auto-start timer & digital LED countdown
  • Solid aluminium plates with non-stick coating
  • Replaceable plates
  • Cool touch safety handles
  • UL & NSF Listed
  • Power: 1400W Voltage :220V - 240V Current Draw: 6.5 AMPS MAX
  • Height: 26.67cm closed & 59.69cm open
  • Width: 30.48cm
  • Overall length: 63.5cm
  • Weight: 9.52kg

Deluxe Starter Kit

A great selection of various products from our equipment range to get you started.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL008
  • 1 × 7.5 Ltr mix jug & lid
  • 1 x Heat brush
  • 2 x Carbon forks
  • 2 x Stainless steel dip trays
  • 1 x Wire whisk
  • 1 x A4 literature holder
  • 1 x A4 instruction sheet

Better Batter Dispenser Unit

Designed exclusively for the Golden Malted Waffle Mix Program, our Better Batter Dispenser maintains waffle batter at required temperatures with specially designed ice packs.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL009
  • Single serve dispensing system for self-service applications
  • Easy to clean, no mess
  • Unused product can be refrigerated until the next day
  • Maintains waffle batter at required temperatures providing improved batter shelf life with less product waste

Cold Syrup Dispenser Unit

With stainless steel construction the Golden Malted Syrup Dispenser is the perfect way for guests to top their waffles with syrup.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL010
  • Designed exclusively for the Carbon’s Golden Malted fresh baked waffle program
  • Hot & cold syrup capabilities
  • Less waste & less mess
  • Easy to use for guests of all ages
  • NSF & Health Department Approved
  • Small footprint: 19.05cm x 26.04cm
  • 3.54 litre capacity
  • Enough for 60x2 ounce servings
  • No-slip rubber feet
  • Dishwasher safe

Plate PO S01 6.5oz Ctd

Standard pop-out plate for Waffle Iron.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL006
  • Waffles are approximately 17.78cm in diameter & 2.54cm thick
  • 6.5oz pour per waffle

Carbon's Fork

A must-have item for any waffle fan, this heat resistant fork is the best way to remove waffles when baking is complete.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL012
  • Long handle
  • Heat resistant fork

12" Ladle

The perfect tool for pouring your mix onto the irons.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL013
  • Ideal measurement for waffle mix

Heat Resistant Brush

Our Heat Resistant Brush is the perfect tool to clean any waffle iron plates! With heavy duty bristles, cleaning your waffle iron is quick and easy.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL014
  • Plastic handle
  • Heat resistant brush
  • Heavy duty bristles

Plate PO S12 Ctd

Thick mini waffle pop-out plate for Waffle Iron.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL002
  • Mini waffles are approximately 8.26cm in diameter & 3.18cm thick
  • 1 3/4oz pour per waffle

Plate PO S012 Regular (Thin Waffle) Ctd

Thin mini waffle pop-out plate for Waffle Iron.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL003
  • Mini waffles are approximately 7.94cm in diameter & 0.95cm thick
  • 1oz pour per waffle

Mixing Jug

Large yet light weight mixing jug, ideal size for everyday use.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL018
  • Pack Size: 1 x 7.5 Ltr
  • Light weight
  • Less mess
  • Measuring indicators

Mixing Jug Lid

Secure lid for the mixing jug.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL019
  • Keeps any remaining mix air tight and fresh

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Place beneath your waffle irons to catch any drips and excess mix or even have an additional drip tray to store any used ladles or forks.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL020

Cone Roller Kit w/Cool Touch Handle Kit

A complete kit for rolling the perfect cone.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL021
  • Cool touch safety handle

Locking Cone Baker Iron

Iron to make great tasting waffle cones.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL023
  • Height: 26.67cm closed & 59.69cm open
  • Width: 30.48cm
  • Overall length: 63.5cm
  • Weight: 9.53kg

Circular Cone Machine Plate

Pop-out plate for Waffle Cone Iron.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL024
  • Maximum size of waffle cones are approximately 20.32cm in diameter and 0.32cm thick
  • 2oz pour per waffle

Puffy Pancake

Puffy Pancake Pop-out plate for Waffle Iron.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL025
  • Pancakes are approximately 9.53cm in diameter and 1.91cm thick
  • 3oz pour per pancake

Single Bottle Prem. Grid Conditioner

Our Premium Grid Conditioner is essential in any kitchen. This special water-based formula prevents sticking and build up on your waffle baker.

Key Facts

  • Product code: GOL007
  • 8oz bottle
  • Water based
  • Food grade waffle release agent
  • Certified kosher & pareve
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