Energise & Revive

Brand new and much anticipated Energise & Revive has a healthy option to suit all environments and tastes. Combining a blend of the finest fruits with natural water, sprinkled with additional vitamins to promote and enhance our natural well being.

Energise & Revive
Name Code Description Pack Size Size RTD
Green Tea, Lemon & Lime BER02

Green tea has a powerful effect both internally & externally on the body making it one of the healthiest beverages around, with citrus twists of natural lemon & lime juice, added vitamins B, C & D

12x250ml Each 250ml = 5 Litres
Pineapple BER03

Our punchy pineapple with added vitamin D helps keep the mind healthy and leaves you feeling tropical

12x250ml Each 250ml = 5 Litres
Elderflower BER04

Elderflower a native plant to Britain that creates a popular flavour combined with added zinc helping to keep the immune system healthy

12x250ml Each 250ml = 5 Litres
Peach Black Tea (Halal) BER05

Peach black tea (halal) a unique sweet fleshy peach drink with vitamin D aids healthy bones & joints

12x250ml Each 250ml = 5 Litres
Cherimoya & Lime BER06

Cherimoya & lime invigorating blend of exotic cherimoya fruit with a splash of lime & caffeine keeping you refreshed & alleviating tiredness

12x250ml Each 250ml = 5 Litres
Mango, Lime & Aqua BER07

Mango, lime & aqua a refreshing blend with added vitamins that keeps you hydrated & encourages relaxation

12x250ml Each 250ml = 5 Litres
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